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Alps Divide is a mixed-terrain bikepacking route, weaving along the Western Alps, from the Mediterranean Sea to Lake Geneva. Crossing back and forth along the national borders of France, Italy and Switzerland.

A 1000km bikepacking journey filled with high mountain passes, alpine pastures, turquoise lakes, and historic military gravel roads. Accumulating 32,000m of climbing along the way.

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The ULTRA will put your physical and mental limits to the test, to stay ahead of the virtual snail.
The RALLY will have no spot trackers and no deadlines. Just a bunch of like-minded people on bikes starting the route on a specified date, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and each other’s company. For the TOUR, choose any start date you like. We simply provide you with the route files, with variants, to tour at your leisure.

Cyclist on gravel switchbacks
The route has been pieced together to be as beautiful and varied as possible. A mix of gravel tracks, quiet paved lanes and a little single-track.

Starting in the picturesque town of Menton on the Côte d’Azure, the route rises sharply straight from the off into the Alps Maritime. You will ride on some of the highest gravel roads in Europe, peaking with the Colle del Sommeiller at just under 3000m. The French / Italian border, steeped in history, will impress with its once mighty forts and ancient military roads, including the incredible centuries-old tunnel du Parpaillon.


In the Haute Savoie, Mont Blanc will offer you breathtaking views, as you pass by mighty glaciers. Then into Switzerland, circumnavigating the majestic Dents du Midi mountains, with ‘picture-postcard’ views of rolling alpine peaks and the soundtrack of cowbells. Then it’s back into France for the final push (literally) and down to the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman).

The Route
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